Monique El-Faizy


In this important, illuminating exploration of one of the most misunderstood phenomena of our day, former fundamentalist Christian Monique El-Faizy explains how evangelicals have been able to increase their influence by mimicking elements of mainstream culture. God and Country takes readers past the edges of the evangelical community into its heart, taking an in-depth look at megachurches, Christian rock, Christian publishing, celebrity preachers, and the day-to-day lives of evangelical Americans - who now constitute over 40% of our population. The book reveals the broad spectrum of evangelical practice and thought, at the same time tracing its history and considering its future. Far from the radical group they have often been painted to be by mainstream media, the majority of evangelical Christians are typical, middle-of-the road Americans, which is why they have been able attain a position of dominance in the country. They are the mainstream. They also have major political clout, as evidenced by the last presidential election.
Is there a backlash in the making? How does the power of this brand of Christianity affect us all? El-Faizy answers these and every other crucial question about this stunningly successful religious revival.

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